Call for Papers: The Colombian Pacific. A Region in Transformation


Call for Papers

The Colombian Pacific. A Region in Transformation


Deadline for first submissions: 15 December 2021

Publication: 1 June 2022


Felipe Fernández (Cultural and Social Anthropology / History): PhD Candidate at IRTG “Temporalities of Future”

Elizabeth Gallón Droste (Cultural and Social Anthropology): PhD Candidate at IRTG “Temporalities of Future”


For the upcoming dossier “The Colombian Pacific. A Region in Transformation”, CROLAR invites reviews and review essays on Latin American research, debates, policies and cultural production that address exploratory, conceptual, and epistemological questions towards the Colombian Pacific. What have been the main social, political, economic, and cultural transformations that the Colombian Pacific has undergone since the 1990s? The issue is interested, in particular, in how the social sciences have approached these transformations and thereby shaped our understandings of the region.


Beginning in the 1990s, discourses of environmental protection and the so-called multicultural turn have been predominant. At this juncture, study groups, journals and various publications focusing on the Pacific region and the Afrocolombians as an ethnic minority, began to emerge. At the same time, several grassroots movements in the region were formed. In the context of new scenarios of violence, displacement and exclusion, various social mobilizations have taken place, based on discourses of resistance and vindication of rights – for example the civic strikes in Buenaventura and Quibdó.


Along with academic monographs, edited volumes, and journal volumes, we also invite reviews that examine other formats, such as blogs, fictional literature, or film. In addition, we invite “Research Notes” that, with a specific interest, comparatively discuss a set of at least three sources, including academic books, fictional novels and online resources. Lastly, we continue publishing reviews that examine works which are off-topic in our section “Current Debates”. We especially encourage submissions by early-career scholars from the humanities and the social sciences interested in discussing the representations of and knowledge production about this region. Please visit our website for all further information on formats, styles and prior issues:


To contribute to this issue, please first send an email to felipeberlin[at], mentioning which work(s) you wish to review. We have also prepared a list of relevant publications, which we are happy to share with you on request.