2020 Open Call for Guest Editors for Upcoming CROLAR Issues


CROLAR — Critical Reviews on Latin American Research is an indexed multilingual interdisciplinary open-access journal affiliated with the Institute for Latin American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin (LAI-FU Berlin). The journal is a platform for critical debate, publishing reviews and original articles on research conducted within the context of Latin America and the Caribbean. The perspectives include a broad array of disciplines such as anthropology, economics, gender and cultural studies, history, political science, and sociology. The journal’s mission is to advance and connect the scholarly study of and from Latin America promoting a variety of methodologies as well as theoretical and conceptual approaches. All submissions undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process and are accepted in Spanish, Portuguese, English and German.


Currently, CROLAR invites proposals from one up to three scholars who would like to become guest editor(s) of one of the upcoming CROLAR issues. Having a strong track record in the topic and a wide network to scientists and others working on the topic, guest editors are expected to draft and distribute the call for papers, invite and preselect contributions, ensure deadlines, administer the publication process using Open Journal System, co-organize the peer-reviews, communicate with the authors and participate in layout and proofreading. The CROLAR editorial team supports the guest editors in all the steps from the call for papers to the advertisement of the published issue. Early-career scholars are highly encouraged to apply.


Proposals should have a well-articulated unifying theme and reflect its importance in a particular research area at an international level. They should concentrate on emerging issues in which future investigations may be boosted and/or highlight the urgency to re-evaluate more established and traditional subjects or research aspects by providing an innovative approach. If you are interested, please send us your formal proposal with the following information:


-        CVs of the prospective guest editors,

-        call for papers including a list of possible subtopics,

-        list of possible publications to review,

-        timeline of the whole publication process.


Possible topics of the special issue include but are not limited to:


-          The rise of right-wing populism in Latin America

-          Volatility, borders and migration in contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean

-          Political and ideological influence of religious movements on contemporary Latin American societies

-          Global South entanglements

-          Social media, internet activism and new infrastructures in Latin America and the Caribbean

-          Conviviality and inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean

-          Environmental and sustainability issues in Latin America and the Caribbean on the global agenda

-          Social, economic, political and ecological effects of tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean

-          Violence and armed conflicts in the 20th and 21st century: military, paramilitary and other armed actors in Latin America and the Caribbean


Do not hesitate to contact the editorial team for additional information and inquiries: contact@crolar.org.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposals in the first round until August 15th: contact@crolar.org


Your CROLAR Editorial Team